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  • The stable release of Joomla! CMS 3.3 is only a few weeks away, so it’s time to start planning the upgrade, as there are some significant enhancements that will improve your site. So what do I need to know? Joomla! CMS 3.3 Stable release is scheduled for 22 April 2014 3.3 will be the most stable Joomla! CMS release. Ever Replaces MooTools based JavaScript with jQuery equivalents Microdata implementation The release is geared to help you Do More …

  • We currently have several students who are participating in the GSoC Mailing List discussions and deciding on which project they want to tackle this year from the Joomla 2014 GSoC Project Ideas list. But we would really like to see as many students as possible take advantage of this great opportunity.A few short weeks ago, Joomla was accepted into the 2014 Google Summer of Code! That makes 8 years that the Joomla project has participated as a Mentor Organization and we’re excited to take part again this year. Deadline for 2014 Google Summer of Code Student Applications March 21, 2014 19:00 UTC http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=1440&iso=20140321T19&msg=GSoC%20Student%20Application%20Deadline What is Google Summer of Code? Google Summer of Code is a program designed to encourage university student participation in open source software development. Some quick facts about the Google Summer of Code program. GSoC gives students an opportunity to work on real-world software development projects. Encourages students to get involved in Open Source projects, bringing new developers into our ecosystem. Students gain new skills and make new contacts in the Open Source community. Allows students to work with mentors that can share experience and knowledge with them. Students who pass their midterm and final evaluations will be paid a stipend by Google for their work in Joomla. This year, the stipend has increased to $5500 USD for students. Joomla and the Google Summer of Code 2014 We have set up a Google Mailing List that is open to the public, as well as a new section outlining this year’s Joomla GSoC and a Project Ideas List on the Joomla Documentation website. Here’s some links for you to find out more. Joomla GSoC 2014 Student Signup Information http://docs.joomla.org/GSOC_2014 Joomla GSoC 2014 Project Ideas List http://docs.joomla.org/GSOC_2014_Project_Ideas Joomla GSoC 2014 Mailing List https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/joomla-gsoc-2014 You can find out all the information you need and more on those pages. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a question on the Mailing List and someone will be happy to help. Don’t Forget! Student Application deadline is: March 21, 2014 19:00 UTC Thanks to all the great mentors for participating in this year’s Joomla GSoC project. We’re already seeing a lot of support from this group of great volunteers and looking forward to see the progress they make with their students through the summer! Thanks to Chad Windnagle for putting this year’s project together. The man is a machine when it comes to project management and organization. I’m happy to be under his tutelage as a co-admin for this year’s project. - Robert Vining and the Joomla GSoC Team!

  • This week (Monday 10th - Friday 14th 2014) Joomla will be present at CeBIT 2014, which is the world's largest and most international computer expo in Hannover, Germany. Joomla shares a booth called “CMS Garden” together with 7 other open source content management systems. Last year the shared booth was a great success and this year we hope to continue that... So if you happen to be at CeBIT this year, come and say hello to us at the CMS Garden booth. You'll recognize us.. we are the ones with the Joomla Tshirts!

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