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MacDill Campout

Pack 92 will be camping at MacDill Airforce Base December 11th -13th.


Camping Checklist

Preregistration is required.

Blue and Gold Banquet

The Blue and Gold Banquet takes place following the Pinewood Derby on February 20, 2016. This is a celebration of the birthday of Scouting where families in the Pack gather for a sit down meal, a cake dessert, fun and fellowship.

Scouts should be dressed in their Class A uniforms.  Adults and siblings may dress casually.

Winterfest 2015

Winter Festival will take place following an abbreviated Pack meeting on December 14th.  This event is a seasonal celebration with a special guest appearance followed by dessert.

Pinewood Derby 2016

From a rectangular piece of pine, Scouts work with parents to shape, sand, paint and decorate a race car. The Pack gathers in February for the Pinewood Derby, where all Scouts race their cars on a special track owned by the Pack. Scouts compete for speed or design, with typically five design categories to choose from.  Our Pinewood Derby is scheduled for Saturday, February 20, 2016 and will be held in the auditorium where we meet for Pack meetings.

Winners get to race at the Timucua District Pinewood Derby.  Follow the links below for more information:

For many Scouts, this is their favorite event of the year!

Need some ideas for your derby car?  Check out the Official Pinewood Derby Website!

Check back closer to time for the District Derby rules for 2016!

Webelos Crossover

Crossover is held one Saturday in near the end of the school year and marks the end of the Cub Scout year.  This is a ceremony where our scouts will “cross over” to their next rank.  The ceremony will be held at a location with a wooden bridge, and the scouts will be called individually to cross the bridge.  As each boy crosses, he will be greeted by the other scouts and will have his neckerchief replaced by new rank's neckerchief (provided by the Pack).  Some parents/guardians like to also bring the new slide and/or hat to further celebrate the promotion.  Note: Webelos I promoting to Webelos II do not change any part of their uniforms.  Scouts MUST be dressed in their Class A uniforms for this ceremony.

The ceremony is followed by a time of fellowship and food.


March 28th 7 pm - 8 pm

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